Sunday, September 19, 2004

"You Know What You Should Do?"

Vomit on your shoes??Don't you just fucking love suggestions from people who aren't even in a particular field? Oh I'm sure someone will use the non-sensical argument of objectivity from a customers viewpoint, but we're all customers of lots of businesses and I never feel the need to critique them. I just leave them alone and get what I need. I'll critique a restaurant to pieces though, because it's what I know. Plus I enjoy it.
I don't mind when a suggestion is useful , and a lot of customers offer plenty. I'd be a fool if I didn't listen to some of them. I'm talking about the suggestions that only apply to an individual's spoiled neediness. When they say.."You know what you should do?"Most times what they're really saying is "Here's what you should do FOR ME". Something more than give you my life perhaps? Something more than risk an entire career's worth of work and future financial stability? Great ideas like" You should have high chairs" Why? Why would I want your spawn around screaming, puking and annoying my guests. . If I wanted kids I'd have some. I'll take everything else thanks. Another great one is .."You know what you should do? You should have specials know..two for one or something" Really? That's just brilliant. I wonder what business they're in . Maybe if they sell cars they should give 2 for one sometime. If they're a doctor, some free medical work would be great! Another good one was "you should paint the walls a deeferent color..something bright..bright greens and reds and purples!!"..Umm, you're tacky and gross, but you're right..I'll repaint everything to appeal to your lack of taste. Right after licking your ass for a dollar.
Everyone knows how everything should be done. I always suggest since they're experts in virtually every field, they should roll the dice and open their own place of business, We could all learn from them. Responder Rhonda is one of these. I'm sure she like to walk in, spend as little as possible and tell all her traditional bridge playing friends what anyplace should do. I don't go to where she works and slap the dick out of her mouth! Sorry cupcake, but you brought this on yourself and I will never, EVER give you peace.
My aunt once told me "There's no such thing as constructive criticism.Just criticism!" the longer I go on, I see where she was coming from.
(She also rebuffed the idea of running as exercise by saying " I never run. Look at animals. They only run if they're being chased!")
So please if you want to offer suggestions, take a minute and think if you're speaking from a general standpoint or if you're only thinking about yourself.


Blogger jaxun said...


You're fiery tongue is helping to cauterize the open oozing anal canckers of fear and loathing that inflict us all because we too seldom pull our heads out of our collective asses!

Your words, they are... refreshing, like a rubbing alchohol bath! It brings a tear to the eye.

God Bless all the people that put it right out there like you do. Bravo, Sir!


11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're awesome!

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*You know what you should do?* A.C. quite your job, if you loath it so much! or go and commit a multiple homicide on all of the uncouth guests who leave you the abhorrent comments in your suggestion box.

Another solution, A.C.? Comply with the guests suggestions!! Or shut the hell up. Oh and one more thing, A.C.? *You should vommit on your shoes* LMAO *that is what you should do.


12:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nahhhh. They're more fun to fuck with if they don't play right.


11:10 PM  

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