Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Raw And The Cooked

So now we're not supposed to cook food now? I'm getting a little tired of these joyless, pasty white, emaciated raw food junkies spouting their version of "healthy lifestyles". A life without cooked food would suck. Hard. Think of the pleasure you refuse yourself and tell me that that's "healthy"
The concept of raw food is one I can agree with. Food heated beyond 118 deg. loses the majority of enzymes and nutrients. Ok. So?. Who cares? You can live just as long and just as healthy by eating ANY vegetables. These people are like joyless moonies...." Must live to 100"..."Must not see light of day"...." Must not partake of anything edibly luxurious". It's no different than staunch, in your face Vegans telling us all how THEIR way is better. No it's not. It's better for YOU, and that's fine. The premiere RAW food restaurant Roxanne's closed recently. I'm sorry to see any restaurant close (unless their truly bad) because I know how much it takes to get them going in the first place. But as brilliant a display of what raw food can be, it just sounds sterile and clinical. Like a trip to the doctor's office. There's no mention of a technique that puts the image in your head first. People don't go out to eat to be healthy nor do I believe the majority want to be healthy enough to do more than wish they were healthy.. If they're concerned with health, they live a healthy life and then go out to blow it. Can you think of anything more unpleasant than a meal where nothings cooked? First off, it's gonna be room temp. I don't like my food blistering, but I want it hotter than 118 deg. tops. Next,it's going to be raw. Nothing slowly braised until every protein turns into a little barely holding together bit of flavor. Of course, there's no meat to braise anyway. I try to imagine if a kitchen where nothing is cooked actually smells like a kitchen. Meat blood searing. Onions and garlic roasting. Bread baking. All the things that brings a rush of childhood, a sense of tranquility and at the same time excitement. Carnal desire. And, the feeling of...I wanna eat...now!
Freshly baked bread is my downfall. Smelling it bake and pulling it out of the oven I can easily devour 1/2 a loaf. Now imagine a professional kitchen where there were no kitchen smells. What desire would there be to eat, taste and cook? MMMMMM....smell that dehydrated tomato! Makes you want to head right out to that yoga class huh? And the soy cheese! Man, nothing I like better than a cheese plate with soy or cashew cheese. No, I want a steak cooked a perfect medium rare, or a chicken roasted until it falls off the bone, or a big goddamn lambshank braised in red wine until it melts. And I want my vegetables cooked too. I'll eat my raw food in the salad. I hate food overcooked, but raw just seems silly in a restaurant. I'm more than happy to cook for Vegans, vegetarians and even raw foodists ( I like challenges what can I say) but an entire movement? Trying to actually qualify such nonsense with arguments that this is how the cavemen ate and look how healthy they were. Healthy maybe, but can you imagine how fucking happy they were to discover fire and get to cook their food? I'm tired of people in 2004 trying to get back to the way things were in the Paleozoic period. Why not just eat. I'm tired of people trying to turn eating ,and now COOKING, into some kind of new age evil. Wanna really help humanity? Destroy the disgusting, souless, murderous, obesity inducing, hop-into-bed-with-the medical-industry food corporations. These are the ones keeping society unhealthy. Not us. Not the ones who cook and not cooked food itself. To me there's bigger food related health issues than whether or not someone cooks food.
Ever wonder where normality lies? It lies somewhere between our Orwellian president with his cameras up your ass and forcing you to take your shoes off before flying bullshit and these special interest groups that have nothing better to do than FIND a cause. Wanna eat raw? Hey go ahead...it's your choice. But don't go around telling everyone what's wrong with society is that we've cooked all the enzymes out of it. Life is shitty enough without having to deprive ourselve's of somthing as pleasurable as cooked food. And if it gives you the energy of a 10 year old, please keep your invigorated, peppy ass away from me.
Cooking food is bad now. Christ I can't wait for what's next.


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hey chef i agree with on alot of your blogs,,, just found sight... ive cooking for 30 years and find this area is a culinary waste land nw corner of ct. .. i do get tired of t6his crap...

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