Sunday, October 10, 2004

It Must Be Great To Own Your Own Restaurant

Want it? Here's a good example of what a great day in the restaurant business is.
1) Buckets of rain have poured in under the molding and basically ruined a new carpet
2) No fish. Fed X didn't deliver as I was assured. (12:00)
3) Call local fish company. Listen to a five minute message about how they don't have anything.
4) 8 people for lunch
5) Sautee cook calls in can't work because of burn on foot. Can't blame them, it was pretty bad. I remember how bad mine was when I worked on it.
6) Call the fish company to track package...they call Fed X who asssures them it's on the van. (12:45)
7) Pm dishwasher still in jail..AM guy has to cover ....again.
8) Notice water has run down underneath the wall and the suface of the wall are lifting
9) Fish company calls to tell me my package is NOT on the van, but at the station and I have to go pick it up.
10) Call Fed X to find out why my package wasn't delivered, they can't find it. The bitch says she's gonna check into it and call me back. Never calls back (3:30)
11) Call Fed X AGAIN, This time they say they found it and the manager himself is going to deliver it personally. Thank God.
12) Write new menu to include incoming specialty fish
13) 5:30 pm.....still no fish. Call Fed no one knows what's going on. The assumption that the manager was waiting until closing time was made and I should just give them a little more time. Half an hour until service.
14) 6:00 no fish. We have to start out by telling the customers what we don't have. Impressive huh?..Fuck you Fed X.
15) 7:30 ..Fed X driver shows up with package. Says he just found out about it 20 min ago. These fuckers have been lying all day. Sorry. Put that shit back on your truck and get the fuck out of here.
16) Lady eats the Steamed Chocolate Pudding and halfway through asks if it has walnuts in it. Yes it does. She's of course, allergic. She told the waiter beforehand but the dumbfuck waiter didn't feel the need to relay the message to the kitchen.
17) Waiter complains about a 15% tip. The tip was $120.00. That's one table.
18) Recently repaired hood fan starts making bad bearing noises. Last year one let go and flew down the hood. My sous chef almost shit his pants. That was funny. The $3000 repair bill was sickening.
19) Lady come in drunk and wants chicken. Husband is visibly embarrassed as he should be, she was also hideous. She then says she wants a beer. A Corona Light. I thought she said beer, not piss. We don't have that garbage, so they left.
I'm sure there were other minor annoyances but you get the idea. I have to be honest and say sometimes I don't know if it's really worth it. Then you get the knowledgable foodie you send into ecstacy and it brings it all home.
Yes. Unfortunately, it IS all worth it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some people choose to write books while others paint or draw yet others take pictures to express themsleves. Our medium is food, it is our language. To most it is a secret language one that they could never hope to understand. However, to those select few it is clear as english. They understand what we are saying and enjoy HOW we say it with such defined personality. It is not just a plate with some pretty food they see. It is our faces, likes and dislikes, it is us that they see. Bravo Chef

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outstanding response. We read each other like books and no one else can.Of course, how many people these days realize how important reading actually is? We can look at a plate of food and it tells us all about the person that cooked it. We can tell if he cooks with heart..we can tell if he's a glory boy(you usually hit up someplace else to eat afterwards).We can see if he's a silly trend follower or a free thinker. For us food IS a secret code and I'll be damned if I want the passionless, unsacrificing hordes to ever even begin to figure it out. In the last remaining heirarchy, it's all we've got...our work...our own intimate unique expression. How could anyone outside of what we do understand? Like Picasso said.."It is your work in life that is the ultimate seduction." Few can relate.


11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe we have obviously both learned the same language and understand its value. My one wish is that one of my 22 cooks could speak it more fluently. They understand that there is a language but only know a few certain words. Bravo Chef

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are unfortunately, only human.
I wish dogs had opposable thumbs.


7:46 PM  
Blogger Mr_sligo said...

The last remaining heirarchy, I just realized how comfortable the structure is. It may be the only thing/place in life that makes sense to me. You know eachothers abilities, know who is above you when you are in the shit, and you know who is below you that will need your help that night.
And it is the only way I can truely express what is inside after years of doing, tasting, reading, listening, watching, absorbing like the sponges we have to be. our work is the ultimate seduction, I think about the craft no matter what I am doing, or who I am with. I can't ever seem to let it go...


5:58 PM  
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