Friday, December 10, 2004

Maybe We Are Rock Stars

Jeremiah Tower was eating at the bar on night last week and it made me think. At his peak in the 80's, Stars was the place. Anybody who was anybody went there and Jeremiah for all intents and purposes might as well have been Mick Jagger. Really nice , polite man very far removed from his wonderfully crazy past. It made me think how our business mirrors the rock and roll world. Both have glorious amounts of great drugs, RV sized egos and groupies.
Pre 80's dining was fairly safe as was the rock scene. Nothing too outrageous for the most part. We all cooked food that was easily indentified and enevelope pushing technique had yet to become the norm. Rock and roll was rock and roll. Then the 80's hit. Music started to suck, plates became unfocused mishmashes of bad technique and poor conception. And yes, about this same time is when my favorite subject, rim garnishing , came about. I just think it's funny how that silly concept came about at the same time Poison, Warrant and Ratt were filling stadiums. The bigger the hair got, the higher the garnishes got. More, more, more was the cry and chefs responded with even more fusioned tragedies. Bands responded by getting prettier, flashier and more talentless. The 80's went by in what seemed a blur. Like a bad acid trip, we finally peaked and started to get our heads together. The late 80's fortunately showed a great revolt against that silly "fusion" shit with more chefs becoming more interested in the clarity of their food. Not all, but a lot.
Not only did we survive but we learned to reel it in a little. Less IS more. Except for cash. I only wish the music scene had wised up in the same way. It seems nothing is getting better in that area. What are these fucking "rock and roll" bands today? Hubastank? Blink182? Henry Rollins summed it up best in his Suicide Girls interview. He was asked what he thought about today's hard rock scene to which he responded " There isn't one. When people ask me what I think of bands like -Good Charlotte and the like, I think they're a bunch of pussies". Fuckin A Hank