Thursday, September 02, 2004

A Chef's Arch Enemy

Think vegans and vegetarians are a pain? They are, but when I calm down I can almost tolerate uhedonistic-pleasureless existence. As I said before I'm all for personal choice and honestly I welcome the challenge when assaulted by them. Some of my best friends are vegans and/or vegetarians. I just don't go out to eat with them. But THESE people are who I have to draw the line with.

Yep. Fucking Breatharians. They claim to dismiss ALL food and drink. ALL OF IT!
They claim your body doesn't need food or drink. You get all your nutrients from the sun and air. Also claim it will lead to immortality. Who on the fucking planet would want to live forever denying yourself the pleasures of food and drink?
Maybe I'll install a few oxygen tanks at my place. I can't even rant on these people because to me, it would be like beating up a retarded person.
Personally I believe we get all the nutrients we need from steak and cigarettes.
There's no way I'm from the same species and does anybody know when we gave the inmates the keys to the asylum?
I guess it's again that annoying personal choice thing, but personally I'd choose to draw and quarter these freaks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought those people went up in the sky with a comet a few years ago.

12:57 AM  

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