Tuesday, October 05, 2004

When Will This Go Away

Fucking rim garnishing. Hasn't this silly fad died out already? It's the hallmark of bad cooking. The focal point of a dish should be the dish itself. This terrible habit of throwing parsley, paprika any type of seasoning mix or even syrups and oils on the rim of the plate makes me want to kill even more. It serves no purpose other than distracting a diner from the (usually) atrociousness of a dish. I don't know how it started and I was even guilty of it for about a month in the mid 80's but now it seems like every single culinary Picasso feels the need to finalize his masterpiece by throwing a bunch of shit on it. Pure lilly gilding that adds nothing but a potential mess to a dish. Refine..refine...simplicity...purity. These are the hallmarks of good cooking and good presentation. Not distraction. Or a mess on the diners sleeve. The elements of a dish should be in the dish itself not thrown all around it like some spastic mongoloid is at the helm. I'm not talking about the cerebral level of cooking where a "deconstruction" of a dish is presented. Or in the case of Ferran Adria where each element is part of a great culinary puzzle. It another one of those goddamned culinary shortcuts that prevent a cook/chef from concentrating what he's creating. No matter what he/she/heshe comes up with, a liberal scattering of some substance over the entire plate and VOILA!!! Art! "Look what I created!" It screams of tackiness and uncertainty. It's like a little kid creating what he feels is a masterpiece..."And this green fuzzy stuff over here!...That's a tree Daddy!"...
Please for the love of God stop this horrible fad.It's natural to go through garnishing trends until you fall into your own style, just don't keep on with them. You have do learn what not to do in order to learn what TO do. There is nothing more appealing than perfection surrounded by a pristine frame. Nothing to pull your eye away from the main attraction. When you think it needs one more thing"...stop..reel it in and see how perfect what your covering up is.
Leave this for the coporate chain restaurants to use as more of their "flair".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the only thing I despise more than a lb of parsley on the rim of a plate is a jackass "chef" who thinks a squeeze bottle is the best thing in the world. I'm sorry but you can't hide how shitty your food is by spraying some fruit coulis on the plate. Apparently you know how crappy your food is, hence why you are trying in vain to hide it with some trendy presentation. My advice, go into the middle of whatever restaurant you supposidly run, appologize to all those unfortunate people who were stupid enough to eat your food, go home and finsh filling out the McDonalds application on your desk. Bravo Chef

11:00 PM  
Blogger PosterNutbag said...

I HATE it when a dish is garnished with herbs that ARE NOT EVEN AN INGREDIANT!!!! What the fuck is up with that shit!?

1:31 PM  
Blogger buYFzrSR said...

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8:02 PM  
Blogger bushka said...

first time checking out your site....this came to mind. one of my favorite movies is Barfly (Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway)and this is the fave quote which i'm reminded of often when overzealous/drunk customers wander into my kitchen to babble nonsense....Wanda: "I hate people". Henry: "I don't. I just like it better when they're not around".

11:47 PM  
Anonymous BobtheCook said...

nothing wrong with a simple garnish, should be an actual ingredient in the dish.Squeeze bottle "art" is almost always another fucking story. Thanks CHEF

2:04 PM  

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