Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Quick Corporate Redux

My rant against corporate restaurants is not a rant against all corporations. They're not all evil. Some are founded by good, well intentioned people who have taste and sophistication and have pooled together their resources, realizing they are stronger as a unit than individuals to spread their philosophies about dining to a greater audience. They help create a more food savvy culture. We know the corporate shitheads I'm talking about as they exist in every field. The ones that care more about dumping pablum on the masses and keeping the complacent dullard mollified. Fuck them!

side note: I'm thinking of creating an actual interactive website where you, the jaded kitchen dog or insulted wealthy pain in the ass could speak with me at certain times. Yes, think about it Rhonda ( I know you still read this)..you would be able to talk in real time with me and I could tell you what I think of things so near and dear to you. Your hairdo. Your outdated tastes in food. Your uptight bullshit. Offensive t-shirts might also be available as I want to create as much havoc as possible to wake people up. Nothing seems to do it better than brutal honesty. More on this sometime.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having been trained by some of the best, fatest and most likely most evil french chefs Canada has to offer I have come to a few realizations. I am 20 years younger, 200lbs lighter and I can probably swing a baseball bat at a dumbass 50 times harder. If you are impressed by a Rib and Chicken Combo chances are good that when you ask me if I would consider making that for you, I will consider your head as a 100 mile and hour fastball that I need to hit out of the park. Chains are evil! I don't want my kitchen staff thinking I'm their best friend and that we are all part of one happy team. I want to see fear in thier eyes while I rant about how they butchered my beautiful sauces(Which are made not opened) I want to be called Chef not Kitchen Manager or in some cases Day or Night Coach. I want food to remain an elitist art not something every fuck head thinks he can do just cause their is a spec sheet on the wall. Bravo Chef.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now THAT is the type of passionate response I'm looking for! Good one. Just so you know, Canada is on my list of places to move to eventually.I'm getting fed up with the States and all it's bullshit.


11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet more hard evidence for the my "food is art, art is pain" theory.

Oh, and if it comes out of a bottle, it aint fucking sauce. It is at best an unwanted garnish.

Duckin Dishpig

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually hate going to chain restaurants, since the food is always both boring and over-the-top, and the "atmosphere" is generally too loud and annoying for me to even pretend to enjoy myself -- if I wanted to listen to obnoxious suburbanites and their screaming brats all night, I'd hang out at PTA meetings. The people who work there aren't to blame -- my brother waited tables at one of those, and a job is a job -- but the popularity of places like Bennigan's or Chili's with the American public doesn't leave me a whole lot of respect for said public, that's for damn sure.

One of the best meals I ever had in my life was at a run-down shack next to a train station in Bangkok, a not terribly clean or prosperous place that would no doubt have most chain-loving types turning up their noses. "Ewww! We can't take the kids in THERE!" But if it was a choice between that place and the likes of Fuddrucker's, I'd choose the shack in a heartbeat. I'd rather go off the beaten track for a great meal than settle for one I can get anywhere in any state in the U.S. exactly the same way.

3:36 PM  

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